Tuesday, February 26, 2013


1. He doesn’t like to give away promises.

2. The man did not want to trouble his lover, so when his lover like cycling, her bikes are ready outside, while shopping, the man who will bring all the groceries, as well as traveling men would prefer to carry the entire luggage on his own.

3. He's not going to hurt his lover either through words especially through action, hitting for example, people who really cares about their love, would never think to do it, all the words and deeds will be think maturely first.

4. The man would never make his girlfriend jealous, so he will not wasting time with other girl, time is too precious to spend with other women.

5. The time is always spent mostly alone with his girlfriend, watching TV, cycling, sitting together in front of the computer or TV, washing dishes together, hanging clothes together, gardening together, just where there he is, there is also his lover, this is certainly for serious couple.

6. He will not tried to prevent her lover to do this and that, if he’s willing to give an example, he gives indirectly through actions and behavior in everyday situations, he gave full belief and confident to his girl, with this belief to the lover, she will do things according to her best for her idol.

7. A man would receives her lover as the way she is, doesn’t matter if the girl he loved was tall or short, white or brown, thin or fat, etc., to him his hero is the most beautiful woman of any situation.

8. He’ll be truthful partner. Don’t like to lie to make their partner happy, but just to be honest for the sake of their love.

9. He will always maintain the honor and dignity of his partner in front of others.

10. He will always give confidence and never prejudiced

Saturday, February 23, 2013


We have to know how important it is to backup our blog. After searching finally I found the service to back up our blog, it called blogbackuponline. With this service we can easily back up our blog there for free. 

But the service is only providing space of 5 MB. But nevertheless, we don’t have to worry about 5 MB space, because I think its enough to backup the data on our blog. If we write average 1000 characters each post, it was enough to back up to 5000 posts, quite right. But for the FREE version or free we can not backup data such as pictures and videos. We can only back up the articles we post.

Interested in backing up your data? It’s easy:

1. Go to the website and sign up  after registering you will receive an email to activate your account submissions.
2. If so actively logged into the website. Once logged in then immediately register your blog address that is by clicking the "Start Registering Your Blog".
3. Enter your blog address in the box provided, then click the button "Register Blog"
4. After that wait the backing up process. Then select the "Start Full Backup", and you’re Done.

Then how do we restore our data?

For the paid version, it is very easy and can be done automatically by pressing the restore menu. But for the FREE version, we can only obtain articles data we have posted. Simply accesses “Dashboard” then click the “Manage” then select the "Content". That’s where all the data of your post. I think it’s quite cool, rather than having to retype all the post you can just copy and past. Anyway do we remember all of the content of our posts? 

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Nicole Kidman had to change his appearance to the late famous writer Virginia Wolf. Now she transformed herself into the late Grace Kelly, U.S. actress who married the prince of Monaco.
Short Blonde, Nicole is very similar to Grace Kelly when caught on camera on the set of Grace de Monaco in menton, southern France.
The film tells about the story of Grace Kelly when she's having a relationship with the prince Rainer III of Monaco, as well as Charles de Gaulle of France.
If playing as Virginia Wolf in The Hours won her best actress Oscar in 2002, it could be through the film Grace de Monaco Nicole Kidman won another Oscar for herself.


This will not be possible if Katie Holmes (33) still a wife of Tom Cruise, Wednesday (10/10), the actress and designer was traveling alone in New York City in a Subway.
Katie caught by cameras of Life & Style Weekly magazine, looking casual. She was wearing jeans, Ivory color sweater and wide sunglasses. Suri's mother seemed lucky to get a seat.
She also put a large bag on her lap, and getting busy with her cell phones. Katie looked really want to release the luxuries life as the wife of a superstar.
Her activities between picking Suri out of school, go back home to practice Broadway plays, and to work at her new company, Holmes & Yang, she mileage one of them by public transport.


Lady Gaga has voiced peace and Yoko Ono gave appreciation for her. Widow of legendary musician John Lennon was giving LennonOno Grant for Peace for her on Tuesday (9/10) in Iceland.
Cup-shaped puzzle pieces and $ 50 thousand donation was accepted by Gaga. "I dedicate this award to Elton John's AIDS foundation. I will work with them. These funds are only distributed to orphaned children and disadvantaged young people in the U.S. whose born with HIV or AIDS, "said Gaga.
On that occasion, Gaga launched her own charitable foundation named Born This Way Foundation.